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Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would make people's lives better,  meaningful and bearable. This interest led me to study the science of psychology.


  • My studies started in 2013 at Neapolis University Pafos in Cyprus (duration of 4 years). I graduated with distinction degree,  moreover I was granted scholarship.

  • Then, I completed my postgraduate degree (MSc) in Health Psychology in 2019 (lasting 2 years) at Ulster University, the largest State University in Northern Ireland.

  •  Following, in 2021, I started training in Integrated Psychotherapy at the University of Crete in collaboration with the spin-off company "Modern Amphiaraea" for a total duration of 4 years.


  • In regard to my experience, I offered my skills to English Summer Schools at Exeter University and Bournemouth University, providing screening services in regard to the well-being of the adolescent students, between 2016-2017.

  • Furthermore, I have worked in Britain's (West Sussex) nursing homes and special education schools, in the years between 2018-2020, where I provided health promotion services.

  • When I returned to Greece, I trained as a trainee psychologist in 2020 at the Psychiatric Clinic of the General Hospital of Lamia, to obtain a license to practice in Greece.

  •  In 2021, I worked as a Psychologist at the adult day center "To Steki" in Lamia, where I provided psychosocial empowerment and psychotherapy to the population of Fthiotida and Central Greece.

  • During this time, I maintain a private office in Lamia, providing my services in Central Greece, in the rest of Greece, as well as in Europe and in UK.

  •  As a licensed Psychologist in Greece, I am committed to well-being of all people who trust me, regardless of their difficulty, without stigma or shame. The aim is to meet their needs, offering state of art scientific psychological tools, according to my expertise. 

I care about all my patients, working diligently to help them find the answers they seek. I examine, where necessary in cooperation with specialists in the wider field of mental health (psychiatrists, neurologists, social workers, psychologists of other specialties in Greece ), so that we can provide the best possible result in the treatment.

My principle is responsibility, acceptance, confidentiality, humane treatment, dignity, and compassion.

                                                                                       Together we can do better.


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