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What should I expect during my visit to the psychologist?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The treatment is always evaluated according to the patient's request, and the specific case.

In some cases the request may come from a public or private structure. Further, for providing an opinion, booking a counseling session, short intervention, and psycho-training.

In different circumstances, you can contact me individually via email or phone.

The individual therapy session usually agrees to a sequence of stages, so that the client can benefit the most from it. This means that a systematic assessment of the situation comes first, in order to identify the source of the discomfort. Through this process the patient and the psychologist will identify, interpret, and understand the pre-existing history.

The psychologist does not prescribe medication, so it is our job to understand together which states and experiences are dysfunctional for mental health.

Once a holistic evaluation of the patient's history has been made, then comes the intervention. That is, the psychologist will help the patient to understand and re-interpret those self-deprecations, which act as self-punishment. They reduce our self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence.

Finally, the termination of the intervention occurs with the scientific re-evaluation of the therapeutic results of the therapeutic intervention.

Thus, the process of psychotherapy is a commitment of the patient to a responsible effort of improvement. In other words, the patterns of thought, belief, and emotional reaction do not change with a relaxed friendly "foot" conversation. But, with determination, structured way, faith, perseverance, and sacrifice. In this endeavor, given the financial conditions, I will try to do my best to offer my services at the lowest financial price.

The treating psychologist through his university scientific specialization, uses those methods that are scientifically proven for the treatment of each case. This is done through authoritative research in major reputable scientific journals.

The course of treatment is not always linear, ie the patient is expected to regress to previous dysfunctional behaviors. This is not necessarily disappointing, as current behaviors are a product of chronic autobiographical weaving. Next, the patient is not the weak victim of relapse, but the warrior who has taken responsibility for himself / herself in his / her hands. So it is advisable not to be disappointed when our expectations for absolute and quick healing take longer. It is completely normal and expected.

Together with the psychologist this effort will be effective. Remember that perfection is the enemy of excellence. The therapist will come out of psychotherapy more wise, with better health, and love for themselves. It is a gift to ourselves that has no tangible material substance, but is valuable.

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